The AskBio AAV technology platform

Since our founding almost 20 years ago and with more than 40 years of pioneering AAV research, our vision has always extended beyond therapeutic development. Making genetic medicine highly accurate, safe, and effective is vital to improving patient lives, and the science for finding missing or mutated genes to correct genetic disorders has greatly evolved. 

Equally important is ensuring that no matter where they live, every patient in need has cost-efficient access to genetic medicine.  It is why we consider our AAV technology platform our greatest patient innovation. Its components are shaping how we scale gene therapy manufacturing and lower cost.

It is this uncompromised vision that propelled the emergence of a world-class gene therapy technology platform.

AAVPlatform proven end-to-end capability results in technology to increase scale and lower costs of goods as well as translate into clinic faster, safer and with greater predictability.

Ask Jude

“Gene therapy is changing lives. Overcoming the challenges of production, accessibility, and cost must also be a priority.”

R. Jude Samulski, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder

Three essential components of the AskBio AAV platform


A vast range of chimeric constructs to match any tropism and maximize transduction.


An expression cassette with Synpromics gene control, regulation, and inducible technology.


Pro10™, a high yield suspension cell line with synthetic materials output, lowers cost.

Cracking the code: Fast and scalable production of safer DNA

AskBio and its partner Touchlight are revolutionizing DNA with a plasmid alternative that is safer for patients and lowers cost of AAV therapeutics.

Clinical and commercial GMP manufacturing

Our extensive manufacturing facilities in San Sebastian, Spain, allow for high-yield output of AAV vectors for any serotype and for the production of Doggybone DNA, a benchtop alternative to plasmid DNA.

Are you on the verge of the next great discovery?

Collaboration with researchers in leading institutions, bioscience organizations and patient advocacy programs is hard coded into our DNA.