Better AAV therapeutics

The promise of AAV gene therapy comes with an obligation to solve the complicated issue of supplying viral-based gene therapies on a global scale. AAV manufacturing is highly complex and historically inefficient with a cost of goods that pushes the purchase of therapeutics into the millions of dollars. We recognized this issue more than a decade ago and focused on creating robust, scalable manufacturing capabilities. The result was Pro10™ technology and joint ventures to create world-class GMP manufacturing facilities.

Clinical and commercial AAV manufacturing

Together with Columbus Venture Partners, AskBio operates Viralgen, a cGMP manufacturing facility. The Viralgen Vector Core uses our Pro10™ technology to manufacture AAV in a state-of-the-art facility for use in human gene therapy clinical trials. An expansion for high-volume commercial AAV manufacturing is currently underway. Viralgen offers what we believe is the most flexible, scalable AAV manufacturing system in the industry. 

AAVPlatform proven end-to-end capability results in technology to increase scale and lower costs of goods as well as translate into clinic faster, safer and with greater predictability.
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Doggybone™ DNA (dbDNA™) manufacturing

AskBio and Touchlight Genetics Ltd. (TGL) formed Touchlight AAV, to supply the rapidly expanding AAV market with proprietary doggybone™ DNA (dbDNA™). An alternative to traditional transfection DNA substrate and a critical starting material, we are setting new standards for synthetic DNA best practices. Our high-yield manufacturing process lowers cost, expedites production and increases safety without prokaryotic DNA sequences.

Touchlight synthetic doggybone DNA is a synthetic bench-top process alternative to plasmid DNA.
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We continue to invest in innovative AAV manufacturing as a partner in Viralgen, a focused CDMO organization. We continue to set the industry standard for scalable, reliable and efficient manufacturing to help drive down cost and expand patient access to life-changing therapies. 

Ask Jude

“We must ensure gene therapy can be equally accessible, even to those with ultra-rare diseases. Large-scale, efficient manufacturing of AAV product is critical.”

R. Jude Samulski, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder