A leadership team ready to make history

The AskBio Team

The AskBio team is comprised of some of the most accomplished and experienced genetic researchers, clinicians and biopharmaceutical industry veterans. Our founders are pioneers in the field of gene therapy. We wake up every day knowing our work brings us one step closer to cures for those with life-altering genetic disorders.

Gustavo Pesquin, MBA

Chief Executive Officer

Canwen Jiang. MD, PhD

Canwen Jiang, MD, PhD

Chief Development Officer and Chief Medical Officer

Mansuo Shannon, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Tracy Dowling, JD

Chief Business Officer and General Counsel

josh grieger headshot

Joshua Grieger, PhD

Chief Technical Officer

Jason Krentz, MBA

Chief Product Supply Officer

Sherif Gabriel, PhD

SVP, Head of Research and Development

Cristina Gude, MBA

SVP, Head of Finance

Candace Summerford headshot

Candace Summerford, PhD

Chief Patent Officer

Melissa Murrell, MS

Chief People Officer

Ralph Herbst, MBA

Chief Strategy Officer