Pioneering high-yield cell suspension line

Long before many AAV manufacturers existed, we recognized a universal need that crosses all AAV therapeutics – the need for a process that increases production and lowers cost. In 2010, we introduced Pro10™, a best-in-class cell line for generating novel AAV therapeutics. Our system uses a human embryonic kidney (HEK)-based cell line in serum-free suspension media to develop and produce AAV vectors at scales and yields that are the highest in the industry.

Pro10 process: Clone sequence into plasmid, large scale plasmid production + Transgene + Ad Genes + Rep/Cap = AAV
Pro10 process: Clone sequence into plasmid, large scale plasmid production + Transgene + Ad Genes + Rep/Cap = AAV

Pro10™ was the first HEK293 based suspension cell line to achieve high-yield AAV manufacturing without using any human or animal derived by-products to grow in bioreactors. This results in faster, safer, and highly scalable AAV vector manufacturing that sets new standards for the industry.

Pro10™ is used in AskBio’s Viralgen manufacturing facilities and is licensed by leading global biopharma companies.

  • Produces the highest yields of AAV vectors in the industry
  • Universal manufacturing system that produces all serotypes and chimeric capsids packaging single-stranded and self-complementary genomes
  • Significant cost advantages with transient transfection of a patent-protected cell line  
  • Scalable production from benchtop to bioreactor allowing for early assessment of vectors enabling rapid scale-up
  • Flexible production platform that allows early feasibility benchmarks to be translated to clinical development

Ask Josh

“We strive to translate therapeutics into the clinic faster, safer and with greater predictability by advancing technology that increases scale and lowers cost of production.”

Josh Grieger, PhD
Chief Technology Officer

GMP manufacturing

Clinical and commercial GMP manufacturing

Our extensive manufacturing facilities in San Sebastian, Spain, allow for high-yield output of AAV vectors for any serotype and for the production of neDNA™, a benchtop alternative to plasmid DNA.

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Revolutionizing capsid development

Our ability to design novel capsids with tissue/cell selectivity, immune system evasion, minimal off-target risk and defined transduction attributes revolutionizes conventional capsid design processes.

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