Cassette-optimized gene control

AskBio acquired Synpromics Ltd, the leader in gene control synthetic promoter technology, in August 2019. Based on a proprietary data-driven design and bioinformatics, AskBio’s game-changing synthetic promoter technology is having a marked impact on the future of AAV gene therapy.

We are rapidly advancing Synpromics AAV promoter technology into the clinic that will allow for precise cell and tissue selection with inducible capacity. This results in efficient control of gene expression, regulation of overall gene activity, and increased RNA stability.

Synthetic promoters are more amenable to driving gene expression in therapeutic vectors and leverage naturally occurring transcriptional elements with many patient benefits. Essential to advancing gene therapeutics, we can design Synpromics promoters at any length with novel sequences, unique combinations of regulatory elements, and specified activity characteristics.

Diagram Expression Cassette
Diagram Expression Cassette

The Synpromics promoter advantages:

  • Variable protein expression at uncompromised levels in any environmental or biological condition
  • Incorporate all genetic elements including 5 UTR, Intron, cDNA and 3 UTR
  • Integrate into novel self-complementary AAV therapeutics, enabling more effective, safer and accurate next-generation genetic medicines
  • Selective to tissue, single, dual or multiple cell types, developmental stage or cell state
  • Designed to be regulatable, inducible or have a safety switch feature
  • Optimized for size, lowers immunogenicity, and reduces off-target side effects

Ask Michael

“We have identified how to control gene expression for all genetic elements using natural processes to make AAV gene therapy safer and more accurate.”

Michael Roberts
Chief Technology Officer, Europe

Precise gene control – Inducible promoters

A powerful and necessary advancement in gene therapy will be complete on/off expression and flexible gene regulation that precisely drives transcription of the target gene. Ultimately, we aim to create a better AAV product by improving functional control at any targeted expression level and any cell type. Our efforts include:

  • Tissue-specific gene expression control – inducible with tunable activity levels
  • Repressible capability to turn off constitutive genes
  • In vivo application for any gene therapy vector with inducers and repressors
  • Platform to screen against inducer(s) of choice

Bioinformatics and machine learning

AskBio uses the most comprehensive data-driven resources to bring an in-depth understanding of gene regulation to accurately identify new regulatory sequences from genomes. This enables a unique approach to promoter design and construction that is unparalleled in the industry.

Our proprietary bioinformatics engine, PromPT™, enables highly efficient, data-driven promoter design and specification for any cell types, or in response to any environmental, biological or chemical stimuli.

We continue to add to a vast data repository to advance our capability for sequencing genome data and machine based learning.