Creating a paradigm shift in raw materials

Synthetic biology based on natural genomic knowledge has wide-ranging potential to advance how we bring more effective and safer therapeutics to patients.  It allows us to treat more patients by speeding production and lowering cost.

Synthetic DNA does not require larger fermentation volumes of plasmids. This means we can generate DNA with no bacterial impact that can be produced in higher volumes in significantly less time than plasmid DNA. More importantly, we can assemble safer DNA sequences at a larger scale with the same therapeutic effect of natural synthesized DNA. 

Working collaboratively with TAAV Biomanufacturing Solutions, AskBio is advancing Doggybone™ DNA (dbDNA™)* into clinical applications with extensive development and manufacturing capabilities.

*Touchlight™, proTL™, dbDNA™, doggybone™and doggyboneDNA™ are all trademarks of Touchlight Genetics Limited.

We believe that dbDNA™ will provide a better, safer, faster and more scalable DNA solution than currently on the market. dbDNA closed-linear constructs are known as doggybones due to their schematic structure.

  • Novel, minimal linear double-stranded DNA vector
  • Closed ends improve expression characteristics
  • Capable of long and difficult sequences
  • Eliminates bacterial sequences

Doggybone™ DNA for better AAV therapeutics

Doggybone™ DNA for better AAV therapeutics
Doggybone™ DNA for better AAV therapeutics

TAAV’s process for producing dbDNA

dbDNA process Circular DNA Template
Circular DNA Template
slide 2 Denature
slide 3 029 DNA polymerase and primer
slide4 Rolling circle amplification of DNA template
slide 5 strand displacement
slide 6 Protelomerase binds, cuts and ligates
slide7 Ligation joins ends to create dbDNA

Ask Philippe

“Doggybone™ DNA is best-in-class synthetic technology that will revolutionize our AAV platform and will play an important role in the future of genetic medicine.”

Philippe Moullier, MD, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer, Europe

GMP manufacturing

Clinical and commercial GMP manufacturing

Our extensive manufacturing facilities in San Sebastian, Spain, allow for high-yield output of AAV vectors for any serotype and for the production of Doggybone DNA, a benchtop alternative to plasmid DNA.

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Research and collaborations Lab Worker

Research and collaborations

Being a leader means collaborating with visionaries in the research communities to accelerate access and lower the cost of life-changing genetic medicine.

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