Scaled-Up Manufacturing

Scaled-Up Manufacturing

AskBio’s proprietary Pro10™ manufacturing system is both flexible and scalable. Pro10 is a suspension-adapted, human embryonic kidney (HEK) 293 cell-based system.  Currently, with yields at 10^17, it produces the highest yields of viral vectors in the industry. With these yields, AskBio has overcome one of the biggest obstacles facing the industry. Also, Pro10 is a universal system that can produce all serotypes and chimeric forms of AAV.  Taking advantage of a plasmid-based transfection of a patent-protected master cell bank affords the company cost and speed advantages at the early research stages of development, while also demonstrating scalable performance enough to support ongoing long-term clinical development needs. The manufacturing system is a production platform that overcomes flexibility barriers, allowing early feasibility benchmark work to be translated to clinical product development without necessarily replacing reagents or the basic manufacturing methods.

AskBio, in conjunction with Columbus Ventures, operates a cGMP manufacturing facility Viralgen in San Sebastian, Spain. It will be fully operational in Q1 of 2019. The Viralgen Vector Core will use AskBio’s technology for the production of double-strand adeno-associated virus (AAV). It will be a state-of-the-art facility in Europe with a robust GMP manufacturing platform available to companies to purchase product within this space.

Touchlight AAV

AskBio and Touchlight Genetics Ltd. (TGL) recently entered into an agreement to form a new joint venture, Touchlight AAV. Based in brand new, state of the art facilities in San Sebastián, Spain, this new company will supply the rapidly growing AAV market with proprietary doggybone DNA(dbDNA) as an alternative to traditional transfection substrates. 

dbDNA does not require the large and problematic backbones and antibiotic resistance genes or large fermentation reactor volumes of plasmids, increasing safety and efficiency while decreasing manufacturing times. 

We believe that dbDNA will provide a safer, faster, and more scalable DNA solution that produces better AAV then currently offered products on the market.

The Process

Touchlight’s in vitro dual enzyme process can amplify any circular template to commercial scale and quality